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“Holy moly!” Pro Triathlete Simone Maier on sporting success with N.L.P. Coach Martin Amott.

We all know sport is tough physically… that much is obvious. But how much effort do you put in with your mental training?

The mind controls the body and can make it quit at any time, or push on.

NLP is Nero Linguistic Programming- even though it should just simply be called the Natural Learning Process. It can help you overcome phobias and issues or take you from good to great.

Have done a little bit of NLP work with Martin myself and it was VERY POWERFUL. That is all I can say. If you are into sport, and have a chance to see Martin, do so.

Watch this video and get a glimpse into the mind of a pro triathlete Simone Maier: http://simonemaier.wordpress.com. She was such an inctersting person to interview and could beat me in pretty much any form of race.

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Snow Skool Instructor Courses: Wanaka New Zealand.

The winter snow season in New Zealand is from June 28th (ish) until September 30th (ish). 3 months. Even though this is about half the length of the northern winter, coming to New Zeland to train, get certified and keep skills sharp has been a common practice for many snow enthusiasts.

In all of New Zealand there is about 25+ ski feilds of varying sizes. Wanaka in the Southern Alps is the top location with 3 awesome and very different resorts just 35-45min drive away.

Snow Skool run a 10 week programme here and asked me to make weekly videos documenting the course.

Recipe for a week in Wanaka: Snow Skool in Wanaka, NZ. from SnowSkool on Vimeo.

is the latest edit I made on behalf of Snow Skool. I filmed on Monday the 3rd September in overcast skies with 50+cms of new snow! It was heavier and wetter towards the bottom and quite challenging. This made for some funny shots of everyone flailing around in the snow. The next day was sunny and the saddle opened. I just had to get shots for Treble Cone this day and went straight to the bottom of the summit slopes to film, cheer and cry as I got people ripping untracked light pow. Got some good shots that made it on to U Live TV! My first big slot on national television. 40 second clip showcasing TC epic terrain. You can see that video here:

Late season DUMP! from Treble Cone on Vimeo.

All the footage shown on U Live TV was also in this clip above.

Once I had the TC shots I cought up with the Snow Skool group as they rode the Saddle looking fro drops to work on vertical movement relating to pressure. ON the way abck to the home basin I cought up with the skier group and got some shots of those guys working on vaious aspects of paralelle turns, demos and teaching and increased performance.

After that I boosted home to begin off loading CF cards.
On Sunday we headed back to Amigos Mexican place 7 weeks to the day (see that video here) that the Snow Skoolers arrived in town. I had once been nearly knocked over by the “death wings” so got some for the guys to try, to my disappointment I had one to find out it was about 25% as hot as when I had last had it. The boys were still impressed with the heat, but they got it easy let me tell you!

You can see all of my Snow Skool Videos here and all my videos from Treble Cone here. Or just ALL of my edits from 2012 NZ winter here.

You can visit my web site here: www.RideClass.com



Head Honcho @ RideClass Productions

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“What they say”… Rookie Academy Video.

So I have just published a video for The Rookie Academy and thought I’d let you know what went into the making of it.

First here is the video:

Rookies asked for a video from the client’s point of view, just Ex Rookies talking about their time during the training.

I knew that I had some interview done on the snow, in lift lines, on chairs, at the side of the run etc etc but want to give the video some basic structure. To this end I contacted a few ex rookies and some just finishing the course to pin down some set interview.

Sound is often an issue recording on snow, due to wind, (and shitty in camera mic’s) so to be able to set up a dual sound system is awesome. Until you go to edit 😦

Sound syncing can be done a number of ways, software, time code, and the good old clapper board!
I feel like making a good old clapper board for a number of reasons, including having color grade indicators and a true white balance card. AND TO SYNC THE SOUND! Until then, saying 3,2,1,and clapping your hands (do all this twice) is the poor mans clapper!

Anyhoo… I set up with Tom in his front garden, filmed using the Canon 7D, my sony mp3 recorder as well as the Sony HDR HC3 as a B cam. I knew Tom from filming last year for hte rookies so we basically just had a chat about the last 2 years of his life, which have been pretty good 🙂 I didn’t end up using any of the B cam footage because I wanted the final video to be quite fast paced, with quick cuts between each person. If I had then cut to another angle of the same person I may have been hard to follow who was saying what and also may have looked like I was trying to make it seem like there were more people!

Was quite surprised at just how much footage I have on file for the Rookies, so had an enormous amount to choose from. In the end I just put the most relevant clips in and have the rest for another video later on should it be required.

Last year during my Canadian season Rookies asked me to put together 3 videos for them, which was possible as I had kept all the files of the season.

Also filmed Clair just before she left town, down by the lake with TC in the BG. I shot with same set up as Tom’s interview, and had the F-stop down around 2.4. This in fact gave a nice blur of TC to the point the TC was pretty much unrecognizable! However the effect I was after was achieved, Clair is what we are interested in, she is in focus, the beautiful snow capped mountains are there but not what we are looking at, more suggested and give a nice light airy feel.

The set interviews gave a nice solid feel to within which I could drop the more ad-hock unplanned clips from off the snow, as well as other interview done on the smaller sensor camera (HDR HC3).

Quite please with the video, added a bit of saturation and some other looks to try to blend the very different camera footage together. Also got to test out the new Cinestyle Picture Profile from technicolor in Tom’s interview. It gives a real flat picture, and grades perfectly with s curves. Will be shooting with it from now on 🙂

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