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“Holy moly!” Pro Triathlete Simone Maier on sporting success with N.L.P. Coach Martin Amott.

We all know sport is tough physically… that much is obvious. But how much effort do you put in with your mental training?

The mind controls the body and can make it quit at any time, or push on.

NLP is Nero Linguistic Programming- even though it should just simply be called the Natural Learning Process. It can help you overcome phobias and issues or take you from good to great.

Have done a little bit of NLP work with Martin myself and it was VERY POWERFUL. That is all I can say. If you are into sport, and have a chance to see Martin, do so.

Watch this video and get a glimpse into the mind of a pro triathlete Simone Maier: http://simonemaier.wordpress.com. She was such an inctersting person to interview and could beat me in pretty much any form of race.

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I want to do a handplant!

So I have been sitting on my ass for 6 weeks now. Any fitness I may have had before my injury has long since upped and left me. Not having a heart rate above 70 bpm for that long has sent me a little stir crazy. Doctor told me swimming only, no running yet. So today I went for a run (it was $5 cheaper than swimming). Not too far, just enough to get a stitch, out of breath and sweaty. The 5 inch plate in my shoulder was only a little sore, so as long as it is pain free tomorrow morning, I may have just started my get fit program. Stoked.

In 6 weeks of no exercise you can lose 80% of your fitness, in 6 weeks of training you can gain 80% of your fitness back. 4 weeks till I fly out to Canada means I could be as fit (or fitter) than before the accident in time for the season! Game on.

Looking forward to messing about, doing things like this:

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