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Snow snaps…

After a banggin morning session, ripping the jungle park at The Lake, I decided it was time to actually try taking some pictures with my DLSR! Having bought the Canon EOS 7D for the video function I am still working out the whole photographer thing. Some interesting aspects to consider: awesome backdrop, silhouetting from the moving sun, angle of the jump / landing / peak of parabola… It was a learning experience. Contact me if you want your pic e-mailed.

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The morning was spent ripping through the park with a crew of awesome riders from Sunshine Village. Google Earth was also ripping around on a skidoo… yup, a big blue and white globe driving a skidoo taking street view pictures up and down the runs. I managed to hit the pro line as they were riding by, fingers crossed I’m on it! We’ll see in a few months.

Coming up:

Board Testing, The BEST DAY, filming with a writer, the importance of dental insurance and employee of the month!

Chur… remember… call your trick… and “HEY BRO WATCH THIS!!!”

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