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“Between Heaven and Hell…” A light painting- Isolated Angel.

I love light painting. I am not sure what aspect of it I am most drawn to, but the process if full of little moments of suspence and anticipation. Followed be either “close but no cigar” type feelings or, gobsmacked wowness. This photo below made me feel pretty happy. "Between Heaven and Hell"


I also redid the shot of Toby (Releshes Cafe, Wanaka)

Toby Portrait

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Which Picture Style?

So, have been using Technicolor Flat Cinestyle and have just read on Philip Bloom’s site that he uses Marvel Picture Style as he finds Technicolor gets too noisy during grading.

Here is the link to technicolor</a>
Here is the link to Marvel picture style

I am currently trying out marvel and technicolor side by side and will post a comparison when I can get some outdoor footage, so far the blacks seem darker, suggesting higher DR in the Marvel pic profile.


some one else did all the work:

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