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First showreel.

SHOWREEL: John-Jo Ritson / RideClass Productions: “From then till now” from John-Jo Ritson on Vimeo.

I recently realized I did not have a showreel. Seems like something I should have done long ago! However it is now done. Was fun pulling together all my favorite clips. There was about 10 mins of stuff I wanted to use. This is how it came out. Hoping to be back to work as per usual soon. Ankle surgery has been healing up well. Lots of physio and the OK for skiing 8 days away.

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Got out with Pete Novom and Joe Tyler for 5 laps out here in Niseko, Japan. 2 Laps out on Super Ridge and 2 out in Waterfall and one… well, you’ll just have to go exploring to find out where that lap was!

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Wanaka Winter 2012: Snowboarding Filming Living.

So back into another winter we go, but after -35*c… I have to say it its pretty mild here in Wanaka. Not that it is not cold here, just that I can go out in a T-shirt during the day, which you can’t really in Banff.

It has been cold enough up the hill, with snowmaking going more often than not…in fact it is pretty much constant the days I’ve been up there. I went up o the Thursday we were due to open, but due to very strong winds (120kpm gusts) they delayed opening till Friday. Went up early and got a time lapse of the sun rise and early morning journey from Wanaka. Did some follow cam laps and slider shots, bailed just after midday and got the edit out by about 6pm. Was a good day and people were stoked, including me, it was good to ride again.

After that there were a few things I needed to cover in the next week to make the 2nd edit for Treble Cone. Ice carving and conditions in the saddle. The ice carving take a long time and a large change occurs so chose to time lapse this while getting a few cheeky laps in. Then came back the next day to see the finished project. As they are stationary, I chose to use slider shots to bring something that would add depth. The objects moving at different speeds past the camera help us gauge distance. The guys n gals carving did an amazing job.

I caught up with one of the ski instructors Campbell Smith, and hsi freeski group over in Shooter to finish off the video. I shot them at 60fps as I knew I wanted to do some superslomo and the more frames the better! Also a higher shutter sppeed than the 180 rule, help out in post. Got some nice shots down to about 1000fps.

Check out some slomo here, in Week One 2012:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/45192854″>Week One 2012</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/treblecone”>Treble Cone</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Check out the video of opening day:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/44913313″>2012 Opening Day!</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/treblecone”>Treble Cone</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

So, I’m all set up for the season. Have good housemates, good set up, double glazing and a big kick ass desk. A beautiful work place, which makes my day job pretty easy.

Thanks to snowboarding, the support of my friends, family. Peace.

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Still from Astro Time Lapse in B.C.

Timelapse photography can be quite tricky. Last night I set off an astro timelapse earlier than I have been doing. About 10:45 as opposed to 1am. I have had issues with condensation on the lens and then the sunrise. I would love to set it to Av mode (aperture priority mode) and get the sunrise as part of the TL, but I know the settings I want for the astro part…and have not worked out how to get the correct interval between shots, and then factor in using Av with faster shutter speeds….anyway it is on the todo list. However I have just started importing the images and I’m pretty excited.
I have started using candles to light up the fore ground and add some interest, so the dying candle and the start of the dawn have hopefully captured quite a bit of light change.

Here are some unedited images. I do adjust some setting in Camera RAW but the more TL’s I’m doing I seem to have to edit less, which is a good sign!

The image was about 10:37pm, 2nd image was 1:24am last was 3:17am

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How many edits can you do in a year?

Having had my Canon 7D for 6 I have made countless videos with it. Some have never (and will never) see the light of day. Experimenting and going through the process from idea to posting on line is the most real training you can get.
Preston Kanak decided to make 1 short a day for a whole year! (visit his website for more info on this as well as heaps of other educational resources)
Now, I know my schedule is pretty much booked up from before day brake until, what time is it now? ah its now tomorrow 00:23! So I am busy- but after reading about making 365 edits!! I had the motivation to make a short. This is my first video of… well I’m not making any commitments yet… but following Prestons logic, the more videos I shoot, edit and post the better I will be at shooting, editing and posting. So here is number 1 of this new endevor to create as much as possible:

Shot on Canon EOS 7D, F1.8 50 and 18-55. Marvels PP. Graded Magic Bullet looks. Cut FCP.

Useful links:
Preston Kanak</a
Philip Bloom

Also my site

Thanks to both Preston and Philip who both inspire me to make better videos while also giving me the information required to do so.

About the author:
John-Jo has broken approximately 14 bones in his 28 years. Not bad going.
It started with his left clavicle at a young age and recently finished with his left clavicle having just turned 28. John-Jo is hoping these breaks are the bookends to his bone breaking but accepts the 2nd law of thermonuclear dynamics which states “Over time things move from a highly ordered state to a highly disordered state” AKA entropy.

Some of his injuries have happened while snowboarding, while most have not. John-Jo is currently in Banff National Park teaching Snowboarding and filming at Lake Louise.

John-Jo takes one large calcium pill each night before bed. 🙂

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RED- movie review.

“Red” what they say :

Frank (Bruce Willis) is retired, bored and lonely living off his government pension in a nondescript suburb in an equally nondescript house. The only joy in Frank’s life are his calls to the government pension processing center when he gets to talk to his case worker Sarah (Mary-Louis Parker). Sarah is as bored and lonely as Frank and marks her conversations with the unknown Frank and her spy novels as the only things fun in her life. When something in Frank’s past forces Frank back into his old line of work and puts an unwitting Sarah in the middle of the intrigue, Frank and Sarah begin a journey into Franks past and the people he used to work with. Like Frank they are all RED … Retired Extremely Dangerous.

What I say:

I really like this movie! The opening shots are of “Frank” at home, going about his daily chores. The framing is fantastic. Frank is boxed in at every chance. Door frames and walls show how hemmed in Frank (a retired CIA agent) really is. They keep the colors bright and cheerful though so as not to depress you!
Its a comedy action movie and does a fantastic job of merging 2 genres. Some spectacular action with just slightly out of this world precision, brings some Mission Impossible in to this all star movie.

Bruce Willis is looking old! but he plays Frank perfectly, along side Morgan Freeman and that chick from weeds, Helen Miran… they all play their characters perfectly.

The action is interspersed with good humor and real dialog. I also really liked the postcard motif-ed segways to the different locations. The pacing of the film is also on the money. The characters are likable, even the antagonist is really a good guy. This movie is tongue in cheek, light hearted action. Helen Merin is at one point in a glamorous ball gown, with GI Joe boots blasting a 50 cal fully auto machine gun. I love it. The end scene is tribute to this tounge in cheek-ness with bruce willis wheelbarrowing john malcoviche through an exploding field with a whole army shooting at them, john is weaaring a dress while Bruce is telling the arm they suck. totally OTT poking fun at themselves.

Take this film for what it is; entertainment for all the family.

I give it four out of five. It is a good movie. Well filmed. Nice story line. Good all rounder.

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I woke up this morning..

and decided I want to film in monochrome, @ 60p and try to make something unnerving, and a little weird.
Normally all my videos are upbeat, filmed in sunshine, so I wanted to do something completely different. This was shot edited and posted all in one day in BC.

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Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Test Shots

Checking somethings out

Shooting on the Canon 7D with cardboard models.
Have a project on the go and ideas in my head,
buzzing round they go, worse when i’m in bed, i’ll stop there but lets just say this latest project has slowly become all consuming and today was no different. I am interested to see if this picture means anything to anyone? Any guesses as to what is going on? Its all tied in with the green screen on my desk, and the boot full of cardboard cut outs, strange looks were the order of the day for me. Test shots gave me a better idea as to how I am going to shoot this project. Slight scale down is in order before i turn it in to a feature film!More shooting tomorrow with Canon 7D and home made slider.

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A Snowboarder’s last words…

The lift had been stopped for 25 minuets and patrol was just about to start the evac process. Being 2nd chair from the top the sunny spring, hoodie wearing day, I was just as ampped to be going abseiling off the chair as I was to be shredding the world famous SnowparkNZ. Only when patrol had only just finished untangling all their ropes did the bull wheel start turning again!

WHOOMF! that was the sound of my adrenalin kicking in to overdrive

FUEMMMM! that was the sound of me jumping off the chair before the others

ZIPPPPCLICK CLICK that was the sound of strapping in my back foot whilst still sliding away from the chair.

SnowparkNZ is world famous and as a result can be busy, but after 25 mins of no lift….. if I could beat the crow to drop in…


And to my utter unadulterated unrelenting joy…it all worked out perfectly…

First off the lift

First to strap in

First to drop in… and… its empty! I approached the first box hearing (maybe i just felt them) the other gaining, I had to be quick, this was a one time deal,” hit everything you can and dont let anyone get ahead of you!”

Tail press:Front board,  sweet, good for a first warm up hit,

flat down? Nose press, nose press, love the feeling of nose pressing down features, as your lower body dissapears you feel like the chick off titanic at the front of the boat

CLINNK:SHHHHHHHHINK the sound of a down rail with a  big front board locked on it.

—still can feel the others gaining—- go faster— dont look back—-

picnic table sees a half cab on to tail press and then we arrive at the drop in to the jumps…..

This is the normal catch up meet up call it spot, and I instinctively do, stop.

I see the mass exodus from the cafe down to the bottom of the lift, I see people cheering on the chair, I see one lone hiker walking back to my position.. The Jump….The Take off has 2 skier tracks in it, look deep, its a slushy park take off on a spring day, normality level is well, normal.  Taking all of this is took about 1/2 a second, just long enough for me to breath in, and drop. Trick was pre selected even before we decided to come up, Switch Back 5 Stale. Having got them on lock the week before the 2 jumps at the end of the rail line were getting hammered with “Back to Back Back 5s”.

Still I have not looked back, their could have been a bloody blood bath behind me, war could well have broken out and I would not know. I drop in and do not speed check, I want to send it deep.

Seeing the slush i set up so as to take the skiers like in, to avoid slush, I wind up and at the lip, release…

FUCK“-is the sound of it all going wrong.

People say time slows down, I think it just seems that way.

As I was leaving the take off my tail has tapped the up hill of the skier track, it being deeper / and or / slushier that it looked. I guess 25mins from 12:30 has warmed it up with no traffic to show how soft it got.

being in the air, with no resistance, weightless, that small tail tap did 2 (or more) things,

1 it stopped ALL my horizontal rotation. Dead. My switch back 5 was at best, going to be a switch Zero.

2 it gave me a very slight impetus of vertical rotation.

This very slight vertical force had some other interesting effects, the biggest one being it was slowly sending my board up, and with my bellybutton being an approximate pivot point, my head and upper body downward.

looking at the knuckle sail beneath me (was it dropping away also?) looking at the landing seeming to go on forever… I did wonder

How am I going to ride out of this one?”  it was at about this point that I realized I had passed the peak of my parabola and all too soon my need and want to be back on snow was replace by an over whelming urge for wings or a few minuets more of airtime to compose myself. By now I was 45′ with my head below my feet.

WHACK-SNAP-CRACK-POP-THUMP was the sounds my body made as it hit the snow. I bounced. I did not slide down the landing like normal bails from jumps, I was somewhat towards the flatter part, ie the bottom of the landing. As the bounce turned into the 2nd landing I was still thinking of the hordes of riders who must have been right behind me, possible hitting the jump, so as I was making noises like a, “insert something like HHHHHHHHHHHUHUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH” with body in spasm I shuffled to the side. “why was i not wearing the helmet, why is my shoulder hurting more thanmy head? what is that massive lump between my neck and shoulder? I have broken my collar bone myseasonisovermyseasonisovermyseasonisover-fuck.

The pain was not that bad for the first 5 minuets.I could however see my first season as freelance videographer rushing, retreating, retiring away from me. In one moment of realization I could see it was gone.

Ben was on scene real quick as he was just behind me, “are u sure you’ve broken it?” he asked, i put his hand on, hem, the lump and he said, “yeah its broken, patrol is on the way,”

So that is how my season ended. My first season ending injury in 9 seasons. It just so happedn to be the season I had been dreaming of. Getting paid to film the sport that has become my life, in a country I now call home, on mountains that are my back yard, I was king, my own king. I had worked hard to get there and payed hard also.

I was having the best day ever. If I had my time over, I would still have gone up that day, I would still have gone Switch Back 5 off that jump. I would do it all again in a heart beat. Because just like when time slows down as your failing, it slows down as your spinning, for an oh so brief moment, your suspended, tucked up, grabbing your board, pulling it round, boning the front leg, and it is all worth it. Spot the landing, and… touch down!

and that feeling, the STOMP! the moment your riding out, is the best feeling, ever.

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