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Stagging Around : Ep1 : Cardrona Opening Day 2014

Cardrona Opening DAy 2014. Buckwild Bilzie takes us round Cardrona to meet the crew and get stoked for another season of snowboarding and skiing. Good snow coverage, nice little park. Heaps of fun to be back on snow, not on a board yet but skis were good fun non the less, well a little less.

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Eventually made it up Black Peak

Awesome shots from Black Peak, Wanaka, NZ. Tom Akass Photography.

Tom Akass Photography

Photos of a trip up Black Peak near Wanaka. Its one of the bigger peaks over looking the town and something I have looked up at ever since first coming here 7 years ago!!black peak-1-2

Black Peak taken from my garden the day before the trip.

black peak-1-5

Mike after crossing the roped section.

black peak-1-3

The Summit

black peak-2-3

Views back towars Wanaka

black peak-2-2

Mt Aspiring

black peak-3-3

black peak-4-2

Mike on the Summit rocks

black peak-3-2

Clouds coming in from the westcoast

typology black peak square

Some of the alpine fauna on the way

black peak-4-3

My Bivy for the night

black peak-1-4

black peak-5-2

Billy on for dinner

black peak-6-2

Whittakers and a good book, living the dream!

black peak-5-3

Hot Raro in the evening actually way nicer than a hot chocolate!

black peak-6-3

Walked back up to the ridge in the morning for sunrise

black peak-8-2

Looking back down into the Matukituki

black peak-7-2

Back along the ropes

black peak-8

black peak-7-3

Looking back up at Black Peak

black peak-9

Mike on the last push back up to the summit of Treble Cone. Such a rewarding…

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GODZone 2014 Adventure Race

Well, this is straight up crazy. 520 Km of multi sport madness.

Stoked to be shooting for them as their official cinematographer.  Heli trips a plenty!

All the staff and volunteers are super dedicated and keen to provide the best race possible.


Go to to live track the teams, and see updates throughout the race!

“Holy Moly!” Sporting success with NLP coach Martin Amott. Video.

Nice to see our video doing the rounds~!

Simone Maier

I have been working with my Wanaka based NLP Coach Martin Amott with great success!

Check out the video below for my story:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 7.07.59 PM

Produced by a local Film maker John-Jo  Ritson of His wordpress blog is:

Both these guys were awesome to work with and was such a fun experience.

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Got out with Pete Novom and Joe Tyler for 5 laps out here in Niseko, Japan. 2 Laps out on Super Ridge and 2 out in Waterfall and one… well, you’ll just have to go exploring to find out where that lap was!

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Niseko, Japan.

Holy shit!

It snows here. A lot. All the time. Its light, dry and fluffy. Not a place to come if you like the sun. I hardly ever see it. I have also had to shovel snow every morning and evening. Lots of snow. Why put up with this? My first week I rode snow, no, I was in snow, up to my chest, making turns in snow that deep was a whole new level in snowboarding for me. Mainly because the I was riding blind. Trying to guess where I last saw trees…. I have been filming a little, and edits are underway…. watch this space.

The best job ever…

So I’m heading to Japan in 2 days. They have had over 2 meters of snow already this season. That is a lot! While I’m there I am going to be traveling and also teaching snowboarding. I love snowboarding for so many different reasons. The view alone is often enough to make you get up early, but the rush of dropping in to a big jump, the thrill of finding a new untracked line, secret pow stashes, funny chair lift rides with mates, the reward of landing a new trick or slaying mogul fields after working on down unweighted turns…. all of these things alone would make it worth it. But together, the whole package is just unreal. It makes me laugh when I’m asked if I am going to get a real job. In an office. working for 50 weeks a year to maybe do a week of riding… just not for me. I love every single run every single day out on the mountain.

So, how did I get here? Well I took a course with the Rookie Academy in Wanaka New Zealand. It gave me the skills to get where I am today. But dont just take my word for it, this is a video I made about the rookie courses, interviewing other ex students.

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No Internet and what that means…

So, moving from one winter destination is fun. The Planes the people, it is all kind of exciting! Except not having internet at the new place!

“They” are turning the line on soon… we are told. I look forward to being able to check my emails with out buying coffee. Not that I have anything against coffee, I actually quite enjoy it. However, when you have 30 mins to do your interting for the day, you end up letting the coffee go cold and frantically checking ….


soon I will be back in the land of the connected….

Picture Profile Test. Canon 7D.

Picture Profiles for the Canon 7D are a big topic. There are lots of views and opinions out there about how to get the most from the 7D but with so much information it can be hard to know who to listen to.

I have started to do a more comprehensive test of some of the major PP’s vs In Camera Setting.

Here are some ungraded screenshots. Test to be finished soon!