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“Holy moly!” Pro Triathlete Simone Maier on sporting success with N.L.P. Coach Martin Amott.

We all know sport is tough physically… that much is obvious. But how much effort do you put in with your mental training?

The mind controls the body and can make it quit at any time, or push on.

NLP is Nero Linguistic Programming- even though it should just simply be called the Natural Learning Process. It can help you overcome phobias and issues or take you from good to great.

Have done a little bit of NLP work with Martin myself and it was VERY POWERFUL. That is all I can say. If you are into sport, and have a chance to see Martin, do so.

Watch this video and get a glimpse into the mind of a pro triathlete Simone Maier: She was such an inctersting person to interview and could beat me in pretty much any form of race.

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Biff is Trislideable. Skis, Teles and boards. Also sings a little too

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Biff Russell at The Half Note, Niseko, Japan. DIE JOE BOO Ep2.

Biff Russell has been around for awhile. He has many strings to his bow. I have heard him referred to as a life coach, a guru, a wiseman, as well as a musician, telemarker, skier, snowboarder. He has built homes and raised kids.

Here he is playing a version of Mustang Sally in a really cool little Jazz bar in Niseko, (Hirafu) Japan. The Bar is Called Hale Note, and can be found, just down from Full Note. Ah hem.

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Social networking with friends: Benifits?

I recently completed a video “Roli Canoli : Smiling Faces” which I created for a film completion. The rule were simple and the subject was, well, having fun at Lake Louise Ski Area. I went out with a firend and co worker named Roland. He is from Germany as a pretty funny guy. If you think he kills it on skis (which he does) you should see him ripping up the park on snow blades!!! funniest thing ever.

Currently in the comp Roland and I are the underdogs.

Film comps are funny things. Having won my first comp ever for Time at TC,

My other film comp entries were trying to win a chance to see my girlfriend who was on the other side of the world. She was in Canada, I was in Australia. It is called Poles apart.

I also made one on a real short time frame called Oanaka Is.. based around the township of Wanaka as part of Wanaka Fest 2010

And here I am again in a film comp! The competition is being run by Lake Louise Ski area and the prize is $500 gift certificate in a local Photography shop.

I would LOVE to have a professional lens. but having broken my collar bone in 2 places and 6 ribs, a tooth broken by a peanut I am in the hole for quite some cash. That is why I have tried to put together an edit… to win the $500 so I could possibly get The Tonika 11-16mm F/2.6 🙂 a pro wide angle.

But we do have time, we do. There is till the 29th of April 2012 to vote for my video.

Any chance you could help me move up to 1st? or 2nd? not that there is a prize for 2nd… but still it would be better than 4th!

The app they have used on facebook will ask to be allowed access to your information. I know some people do not like this. i am not a big fan, let me tell you. But I do limit the amount of info of mine I put out there, so when I do want to do something like this I can justify it.

So there is my plea I guess, help out a guy who is struggling to make things work after a run of bad luck… or the local big crews swoop in and take the winnings.

Your call, but with your help maybe we can bring em down!!!

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Picture Profile Test. Canon 7D.

Picture Profiles for the Canon 7D are a big topic. There are lots of views and opinions out there about how to get the most from the 7D but with so much information it can be hard to know who to listen to.

I have started to do a more comprehensive test of some of the major PP’s vs In Camera Setting.

Here are some ungraded screenshots. Test to be finished soon!

Shooting day.

Testing Picture Profiles for my Canon EOS 7D has become something of a common occurrence. Today I’m planning to try the most comprehensive test I’ve done so far. This will be including “in camera” vs PP vs Flat PP in everyday situations.

-Step one today is to confirm all settings for the different PP’s,
-work out a “look” for the in camera settings.
-go film.

I generally shoot with Marvels or Technicolor PP and grade later… so today should be fun trying out every different way to shoot.

This is part of a larger post that will becoming later.

And with that I really should change out of my PJ’s into street clothing, also today looks warm out there, spring is here and I may not even need a jacket out there on the streets of Banff!

About the Author:

John-Jo had his first snowboard lesson in 1994. He was 13 years old. Between the ages of 13 and 19 John-Jo managed to get on snow for 10 days. In 2005 he rode for a full season in Wanaka NZ. In this time he cmae to realize that there was a life style that allowed you to have fun on a daily basis. Good clean fun in mountain air, with beautiful vistas.
In 2006 he became a certified snowboard instructor and began teaching in 2007. After successfully gaining his SBINZ level 3 in 2008 John-Jo began “back to back” winters flying between Wanaka NZ and Banff CA.

He now trains other instructors at Lake Louise as well as teaching all variety of private lessons.
In New Zeland John-Jo now runs RideClass Productions.

The Season is almost over????

So here we are in April 2012 and the Banff season keeps going. This week has seen more and more snow at Lake Louise. In fact it is snowing right now! We had about 15cms during yesterday and 5 more cm’s over night. Then it continued to snow all day today!

Can not complain- however, I do love riding in spring time in a t shirt… ripping round until you get mad ice burn all down your arms from bailing while trying to do something stupid.

Spring riding is FUN! It is bullet proof till 10 am so you may as well sleep in, have a coffee, chill till then.
Then rip it! Hitting the logs and natural features that have been hidden all winter. Stalling on tree stumps, gaping over dirt patches and trying your best not to fall into the slush puddle at the bottom… even though watching said puddle / lake is the best way to spend an afternoon after shredding. The Kokanee cabin is perfect for a few spring time beers after riding 10-3 when the slush gets slow and you can not hit jumps any more!

Ah spring days…. just a shame it is still winter here and the pow is still falling. Spring is going to be a long time coming here in Banff… but that is ok with me. When it arrives I know it will be worth the wait!

Lake Louise Film Comp

The film comp at Lake Louise Ski area sent me out with my canon 7D yet again. Filming the solid and creative skiing of a German called Roland. He skis well. He also has a certain comical smile that makes me laugh.
The film comp at Lake Louise if for a prize of $500 store credit at a local camera shop. This competition is basically made for me. Snow orientated, at my home mountain, photographic prize… all the stars seemed to be aligning for me top be able to buy a new lens!

Should be straight forward right? Well, not so much, Roland is a fantastic skier and I had no doubts about his ability to stop his tricks, but pinning him down to a shoot day took some time. We have conflicting days off and… well, lets just say it was pretty difficult to get it sorted. However, 3 weeks after our initial plan to do the comp, we finally had our day to film.

Although the weather was clear for the first hour of the day, it closed in with light snow and gray clouds everywhere.

We got some really cool opening shots with the slider. Some wides, Meds and Cu’s to allow the folks at home to see what Roland looks like. The some shots of him skating off to the drops.

Conditions were challenging but it was really nice to work with someone who was keen and ballsy! Roland strait lined some chutes in Very Flat light as well as sending it big on some natural features. We had some really cool shots in the can when somehow he broke a ski. The funny thing was that the tip snapped but if anything he had landed back seat from a 180 hand drag… hopefully he gets a warranty out of it. I felt slightly responsible as I had asked him to do the trick again. However once I had run it thought in my mind I realized that I would not hold him responsible had I dropped or other wise broken my Canon 7D.

We made our way back to the front side, scoping out drops and hits along the way. I offloaded my Sandisk Extreme 8G CF card to the Macbook Pro so we had a plenty of space for the PM shoot.

New skis on and Roland continued to send it. Natural features including tree jibs and rocks as well as hitting the Calgary Gap Rock back on the front side. So called because if you mess it up, your going to Calgary, hospital.

We really wanted to get a shot from above looking down on a hand drag but speed was not with us. By this time is was nearly 3pm. We tried to get back out after a quick snack but I managed to leave my CF card in the reader and had decided this was the run I’d only come out with minimal gear… IE no back up card. We were tired and decided to call it a day.

All in all it was quite mixed, we definitely got some good footy, but then again, weather and luck seemed to be against us. The good points for em were being able to work with a consistent, talented and committed athlete, Roland hiked several features as he was not %100 happy with them. this gave me chance to swap angles and get a 2nd shot to cut to. Nice.

“The Search”

Shot on Canon 7D. Cut in Final Cut. Graded with Magic Bullet Looks. Picture Profiles of Technicolor and Marvels (mainly Technicolor). Canon 18-55 & 50 F:1.8.

We see, we seek, we search. What are we searching for? What are you running from?

Heather and I had be talking about collaborating on a project for some time. We eventually sat down and discussed our views and inspirations. Heather then set about writing the words used in The Search. After a few nights she sent them to me and I got really excited about what she had written. It was the kind of thing i could get stuck into.

From there I pulled together some of the opening shots and got Heather to record a voice over. We had a long time to go before the sun was out and we had the time to get the shooting done. But when it came it was perfect! Sunny day, blue skies, nice snow. We took the gondola up to the top and get the walking shots, then rode down getting anything we could. I did have a shot list but we were also jsut using the terrain as it presented itself. It was soo fun! It took the best part of an hour to do one run, but well worth it.

We went out again another afternoon to get the pow shots. Little bit of hiking for heather and I but still, needed the shots and was pretty stoked with what we got.

We had to redo the voice over a few times as we had issues with sound quality. This lead me to ordering an Rode VMP although it was not used on this project.

Big thanks to Heather Brown: words and riding. Also big shout out to Danny AKA Civilian sol