About John-Jo & Heybrowatchthis

“I was born in England and moved out to New Zealand in 2004. I spent my first season in New Zealand snowboarding at Cardrona before moving to Treble Cone the next season. In that first year I  found a new passion for life and a new direction. That direction was towards becoming an instructor and later a passionate filmmaker.

I now spend time traveling between Wanaka, N.Z. and different places in the norther Hemisphere
Winters. Currently in Japan. AKA JAPOWPOW!

Chasing the snow, filming, editing and sharing experiences. This blog is a place for me to share those with students, co workers, clients, friends and anyone else who cares to read it.

It  is also as much for my own entertainment and to hopefully inspire  others to do something they love, rather than something  you think your friends or parents want you to do.

“Life if for living, it is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one shot, make it count.”

John-Jo Ritson.



9 thoughts on “About John-Jo & Heybrowatchthis

  1. melodylowes says:

    I had no idea you could ski in NZ – you learn something new every day, right? Love that you come to Banff – one of my favourite vacations spots…

  2. Farris says:

    I was wondering, maybe it might be a bit of a personal question but i dream to be a snowboarding instructor but i hear that the wages are low and what not, i was wondering, if its not too personal, how you yourself manage to maintain financially? do you have another … profession or so? to keep financially stable? but love your blog and found you off a snowboardin forum, please reply!

    • Hey there. Firstly thanks for the interest. Yes I have another profession. http://www.johnjoritson.com . Often people will start in instruction and after some years, move sideways into another area related to snow… so I now film, mainly snow related topics. Could not have gotten to here without out teaching though. And I am now currently working in Japan, teaching snowboarding for the winter, learning Japanese, heading out to Sapporo tomorrow- If I had a profession that “paid” well, I’d be saving for the 2 weeks a year I get off, to go somewhere like Japan…

      I was once on a chairlift (at TrebleCone) and the guy next to me had all the lates expensive si gear and had driven up the hill in his flash 4×4… he said “I love skiing, I make sure I do it 10 days a year, regardless of everything else” I sat and thought, he has more money, but I do the thing I love for about 250 days a year…. so who is richer? I spend most days on the side of a mountain getting sharing something I love with others.
      As time goes on though teaching snowboarding may not (for most instructors) support a family…

      Hope this helps?

  3. Linda Dickman says:

    Beautiful videos 🙂 I can tell you love what you do! I shared one with a friend, who was once close friends with one of your subjects. They have lost touch with each other and my friend would very much like to say hello again. Is it possible that you could pass a message along to put them back in touch? It has been almost 18 years and they have both moved away to opposite parts of the world. It would mean a lot.

  4. Linda Dickman says:

    Love the light paintings! Looks like hella good fun!

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