First showreel.

SHOWREEL: John-Jo Ritson / RideClass Productions: “From then till now” from John-Jo Ritson on Vimeo.

I recently realized I did not have a showreel. Seems like something I should have done long ago! However it is now done. Was fun pulling together all my favorite clips. There was about 10 mins of stuff I wanted to use. This is how it came out. Hoping to be back to work as per usual soon. Ankle surgery has been healing up well. Lots of physio and the OK for skiing 8 days away.

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2 thoughts on “First showreel.

  1. kc says:

    Just found your blog from goneboarding…in a few words to describe your blog: absolutely beautiful mate! Your videos are stunning! so happy that your living your dream! Watching the Niseko video in particular makes me wonder if i’m making the right choice by not going next year due to the fact i’m setting up my own company and need to find part time work. But now i’m thinking- you only live once just blow my savings and go- looks epic there!
    p.s how are you post op surgery now? ready in time for the new season?

    • Hey KC. Thanks for the kind words! The ankle recover is going really well and it fell great now. Still not allowed to run, jump, or do anything fun till November- but planning a trip to Niskeo for 3 weeks of riding 🙂 Will be awesome!

      I have spent the last 9 years spending savings chasing the snow and have loved every single minuet of it! However after missing a season worth of work with my ankle, I’m now focusing on getting my business to where I want it to be. Will still be riding heaps though! Good luck with your business and keep Japan on your to do list. It is unlike anywhere else I have ever been.

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