Shooting day.

Testing Picture Profiles for my Canon EOS 7D has become something of a common occurrence. Today I’m planning to try the most comprehensive test I’ve done so far. This will be including “in camera” vs PP vs Flat PP in everyday situations.

-Step one today is to confirm all settings for the different PP’s,
-work out a “look” for the in camera settings.
-go film.

I generally shoot with Marvels or Technicolor PP and grade later… so today should be fun trying out every different way to shoot.

This is part of a larger post that will becoming later.

And with that I really should change out of my PJ’s into street clothing, also today looks warm out there, spring is here and I may not even need a jacket out there on the streets of Banff!

About the Author:

John-Jo had his first snowboard lesson in 1994. He was 13 years old. Between the ages of 13 and 19 John-Jo managed to get on snow for 10 days. In 2005 he rode for a full season in Wanaka NZ. In this time he cmae to realize that there was a life style that allowed you to have fun on a daily basis. Good clean fun in mountain air, with beautiful vistas.
In 2006 he became a certified snowboard instructor and began teaching in 2007. After successfully gaining his SBINZ level 3 in 2008 John-Jo began “back to back” winters flying between Wanaka NZ and Banff CA.

He now trains other instructors at Lake Louise as well as teaching all variety of private lessons.
In New Zeland John-Jo now runs RideClass Productions.


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