Snowboarding for 6 months takes its toll. 6 and 7 day weeks seem to follow one another. When you do get that one day off you have to go ride for yourself, right? Or that one day is the one day you have to film for a up coming project so you end up getting the early bus up to the mountain anyway.

This is how my last 6 weeks have been! Instructing snowboarding 6 days a week and filming on my one day off. And now…. I AM DONE! I have two whole, glorious days off, one after the other. Time to recharge the body and soul. I slept in till 9am! that is a big 3 hr sleep in. Took the girlfriend out for a big breakfast, letting it digest before heading out to the gym. I will not be working out, I will however be casually swimming 2 lengths of the pool before retiring to the hot whirlpool for a relaxing soak!

I have to say I am as excited about doing “nothing” today as I get about spinning on big jumps. I’m ampped to do sweet F.A.

I did say I was going to try and not even open the laptop, as this often leads to editing and then subsequently filming or lists of things to film, or do, lists of projects and various states of development, lists of people I need to contact re this and that…. lists help me make the most of my time but some times the best use of ones time can be, to do, absolutely nothing!

BC mountains at a ferry crossing taken in Dec 2012


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