The Season is almost over????

So here we are in April 2012 and the Banff season keeps going. This week has seen more and more snow at Lake Louise. In fact it is snowing right now! We had about 15cms during yesterday and 5 more cm’s over night. Then it continued to snow all day today!

Can not complain- however, I do love riding in spring time in a t shirt… ripping round until you get mad ice burn all down your arms from bailing while trying to do something stupid.

Spring riding is FUN! It is bullet proof till 10 am so you may as well sleep in, have a coffee, chill till then.
Then rip it! Hitting the logs and natural features that have been hidden all winter. Stalling on tree stumps, gaping over dirt patches and trying your best not to fall into the slush puddle at the bottom… even though watching said puddle / lake is the best way to spend an afternoon after shredding. The Kokanee cabin is perfect for a few spring time beers after riding 10-3 when the slush gets slow and you can not hit jumps any more!

Ah spring days…. just a shame it is still winter here and the pow is still falling. Spring is going to be a long time coming here in Banff… but that is ok with me. When it arrives I know it will be worth the wait!

4 thoughts on “The Season is almost over????

  1. jasonmacqueen says:

    You make a good point. Spring skiing is all about the sleep in!

  2. carrie berkey o'brien says:

    awesome shot!!

  3. Thanks! I just hit the jump, Andy Bell did everything else.

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