Lake Louise Film Comp

The film comp at Lake Louise Ski area sent me out with my canon 7D yet again. Filming the solid and creative skiing of a German called Roland. He skis well. He also has a certain comical smile that makes me laugh.
The film comp at Lake Louise if for a prize of $500 store credit at a local camera shop. This competition is basically made for me. Snow orientated, at my home mountain, photographic prize… all the stars seemed to be aligning for me top be able to buy a new lens!

Should be straight forward right? Well, not so much, Roland is a fantastic skier and I had no doubts about his ability to stop his tricks, but pinning him down to a shoot day took some time. We have conflicting days off and… well, lets just say it was pretty difficult to get it sorted. However, 3 weeks after our initial plan to do the comp, we finally had our day to film.

Although the weather was clear for the first hour of the day, it closed in with light snow and gray clouds everywhere.

We got some really cool opening shots with the slider. Some wides, Meds and Cu’s to allow the folks at home to see what Roland looks like. The some shots of him skating off to the drops.

Conditions were challenging but it was really nice to work with someone who was keen and ballsy! Roland strait lined some chutes in Very Flat light as well as sending it big on some natural features. We had some really cool shots in the can when somehow he broke a ski. The funny thing was that the tip snapped but if anything he had landed back seat from a 180 hand drag… hopefully he gets a warranty out of it. I felt slightly responsible as I had asked him to do the trick again. However once I had run it thought in my mind I realized that I would not hold him responsible had I dropped or other wise broken my Canon 7D.

We made our way back to the front side, scoping out drops and hits along the way. I offloaded my Sandisk Extreme 8G CF card to the Macbook Pro so we had a plenty of space for the PM shoot.

New skis on and Roland continued to send it. Natural features including tree jibs and rocks as well as hitting the Calgary Gap Rock back on the front side. So called because if you mess it up, your going to Calgary, hospital.

We really wanted to get a shot from above looking down on a hand drag but speed was not with us. By this time is was nearly 3pm. We tried to get back out after a quick snack but I managed to leave my CF card in the reader and had decided this was the run I’d only come out with minimal gear… IE no back up card. We were tired and decided to call it a day.

All in all it was quite mixed, we definitely got some good footy, but then again, weather and luck seemed to be against us. The good points for em were being able to work with a consistent, talented and committed athlete, Roland hiked several features as he was not %100 happy with them. this gave me chance to swap angles and get a 2nd shot to cut to. Nice.

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