“The Search”

Shot on Canon 7D. Cut in Final Cut. Graded with Magic Bullet Looks. Picture Profiles of Technicolor and Marvels (mainly Technicolor). Canon 18-55 & 50 F:1.8.

We see, we seek, we search. What are we searching for? What are you running from?

Heather and I had be talking about collaborating on a project for some time. We eventually sat down and discussed our views and inspirations. Heather then set about writing the words used in The Search. After a few nights she sent them to me and I got really excited about what she had written. It was the kind of thing i could get stuck into.

From there I pulled together some of the opening shots and got Heather to record a voice over. We had a long time to go before the sun was out and we had the time to get the shooting done. But when it came it was perfect! Sunny day, blue skies, nice snow. We took the gondola up to the top and get the walking shots, then rode down getting anything we could. I did have a shot list but we were also jsut using the terrain as it presented itself. It was soo fun! It took the best part of an hour to do one run, but well worth it.

We went out again another afternoon to get the pow shots. Little bit of hiking for heather and I but still, needed the shots and was pretty stoked with what we got.

We had to redo the voice over a few times as we had issues with sound quality. This lead me to ordering an Rode VMP although it was not used on this project.

Big thanks to Heather Brown: words and riding. Also big shout out to Danny AKA Civilian sol



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