Should I be trying to make a short film a day? No, not when I am making 2 x 50 min DVDs

I really wanted to accept the challenge of trying to make a short film a day. I wanted to rise to the occations but all this other work kept getting in the way…It was then I realized I currently do not need to try and make a short a day because I am constantly work already! ‘Doh! I did enjoy making the 2 shorts I made in 3 days, hardly as exciting as one a day for a year! However the learning process that occurs during the organizing, “directing” shooting and editing of “The Bow Valley Kids” Snowschool program DVD is the same learning process Preston Kanak was encouraging in his endeavor.

I have leaned a lot in regards to organizing and directing, mainly the Instructors! The kids were easy, you told them where to ski and the pretty much just skied there, the instructors however sometimes just seemed to be less focused! I guess they were also trying to manage the class and thinking about where they were going next etc etc… It has also been an exercise in media management. 350 Gbs plus back ups, has required me to make sure each days filming has been file correct and in same format each time. It’s basic stuff but over the 8 weeks I have had to be diligent in this regard and it has so far paid off…..

Now, hopefully rendering has finished and I can keep cracking. Needs to be done by tonight! Pressure is on 🙂


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