Teeny tiny toy car race! Who wins?

While working with the Canon EOS 7D, Technicolor PP and Final Cut Pro 7 I had to wait for rendering often. To make use of that time I moved a car and took a photo. Then I moved the car a little more and took another.I repeated this process through out the day. Having just been playing around with Picture Profiles (PP’s) for the Canon EOS 7D I wanted to try out some in camera tweaks.

So with the Twilight PP from Canon installed I turned the Saturation all the way up and did the same with the Color Tone. I also gave the sharpness a couple of nudges up.

I guessed the images would potential be gaudy but I wanted to experiment, just for fun.

Philip Bloom believes in shooting in a Flat PP (he chooses Marvels over Technicolor) and after reading a long post on his site it appears some do not share his view! The informative article was written by Preston Kanak of http://3minuteshorts.ca/.
I DO shoot Flat and grade after. 99.99% of the time. But after  reading the blog I was keen to mess about in camera and not grade at all.

Here is the result of messing around while waiting for that render bar to do its thing!

As for that little render bar it has been busy this weekend. Grading color can be a big job when your dealing with over 1.5 hrs of footage shot in some really challenging conditions! I have been using my Sony HDR-HC3 as a B camera and have been importing into FCP with Apple Pro Res 422 for HDV and am very happy with how the picture quality holds up compared to AIC. (Apple Intermediate Codec)

About the author:

John-Jo has been working within the snowboard industry since 2005. Through riding and teaching in New Zeland,  he became involved with The Rookie Training Academy and Treble Cone in the capacity of Cinematographer. Currently based in Banff Canada, John-Jo is working on several video projects of his own as well as some exciting collaborations in post!


4 thoughts on “Teeny tiny toy car race! Who wins?

  1. To clarify, those may not be Philip’s perspectives :). Take a closer look.

    I shoot flat because it is what works best for me … in certain circumstances. Do I shoot flat all the time? Definitely not. Since the post I almost exclusively use Marvel. I love the image I get from the camera when using it.

  2. http://philipbloom.net/2012/01/06/christmas-shootout/#comments
    It is stated here that Marvels was used for the 7D test and I can not find the exact comment but pretty sure Philip answered a question / comment possibly about which PP he preferred or why he had not used Technicolor, his answer was that Cinestyle graded with too much noise and he preferred marvels. He also answered a comment in you (fantastic) post by saying “Flat is a dream come true to shoot with.”
    If I am mistaken I apologize. 😉

    • Yes, I think you are right. (I did a post on philip’s site on PP’s) and many people mistake my perspectives as if they were his and just wanted to clarify :).

      • I read your post and have benefited no end from the info on there. Spent last night following all the links to various PP’s and now have 3 stored for shooting tomorrow, Technicolor Cinestyle, Marves 3.4 and Giles 35 film.
        I have sent quite a few people to your post as it lays it all out there really well. Just looked round your site http://3minuteshorts.ca/ and looking forward to leaning more on there! Thanks for the input. 🙂

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