Collaboration: video in post.

Often creative types let their ideas fall out of their mouths in a constant wave of possibilities.

People each day say to me “you know what would make a really cool video?!…..” and I smile and nod and say “yeah I have a lot on right now” and this is not a lie- I do have a lot on right now, but often talk is talk for the sake of talking.

However last year I found out that one of my co-workers was a writer for a female snowboard web site and I approached her with a view to doing some sort of collaboration. She agreed it could be a good idea. As the season carried on time slipped away and alas, we did not do anything other than occasionally talk about the potential colab.

This year I have many projects on the go in many stages of completion- or lack there of, but this was one project I have been pushing to get started. I am happy to report that today all the stars aligned and pieces fell into place: we had the weather, the time, the energy and mindset to get the shooting portion done. Heather had done some writing a few weeks back, but we had really struggled to fit into each other’s schedules, until today!

The shoot went very well, lots of shots came out better than I could have hoped. I had a storyboard and shot list, but we also let the terrain guide us like we would when riding. I think we may have to do a second shoot for a couple of specific shots we are after, but we’ll need mother natures help for that!

Here are some frame grabs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Go to go, FCP just finished rendering and I can’t wait to get stuck in. The BUZZ has got me smiling from ear to ear!

Soon I’ll be saying “Hey Bro….Watch THIS!”


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