Four Months and six days later…

Four Months and six days later…

Breathing deeply, eyes fixed. Honing in on the situation. Assessing.

It was an unchecked, miscalculation that had cost me dearly. I will not make the same mistake twice.

I want to….

Is now the right time? Is this the right jump? Should I be doing this considering how badly it went wrong last time?

These question went through my mind. Andrew, my riding buddy, was unawares of my plans. He was catching up with a friend also stood at the drop in with us.
The jump before me was pretty much the same, if not a little bigger (to the knuckle) as the one at SnowparkNZ that saw me off to the hospital.

I took a deep breath and looked down to the snow, trying to get a better sense of the situation. Was I being cocky going for the Switch Back 5 on my 2nd day riding park? It sounded like I could be, but I was feeling good, not cocky. I had hit the jump a few times already and knew the speed, had spun a few 3’s and stomped them, and a few 5’s off the small jumps…

This is the right time, this is the right jump, this is it…


I was tempted to speed check as I rolled down from the drop in below the hip, but knew the speed was good and moved my thoughts to the spin to come. For a flash of a second, the blink of an eye, I saw the acciendt which broke 6 ribs and my collar bone in 2 places. I erased the thought as quickly as it came into being. There were more important things to think of…. I saw before me all the times I had set the toe edge just right, as I neared the lip I snapped into the backside spin grabbing melon instinctively, after all, that’s where I grab for my SW B 5’s..


BOOM! Stomped it into a small puff of snow! Clean as you like.

I claimed it. I did. I let myself revel in the moment. I cheered, I wooped, I pointed it for the step up jump below…


It had taken me four months, six days to spin that trick again. Those months were hard times finically, physically as well as mentally. I had been told it would effect my game. It would be like a ghost forever in my mind. I knew I had to banish that demon.

And four months, six days later I did.

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