The Day Before Video Test.

So, its the day before The Wanaka Fest Passion for Fashion Show.
Over the last few weeks I have put together 3 Intro videos and over 40 short logo clips for the show. LOTS OF WORK. Trying to coordinate with about 16 fashion shops has meant lots of back and forth, asking for and not always getting high res images to work with, changes to concepts have made it one of the more stressful job ever!

That being said I have seen the lights up, and where I will be VJing from, either on scaffold or…. well i’ll let that be a surprise! Will try to get some pictures as the set up will be cool. Pretty exciting now. Models will be arriving for rehearsal in about an hour, I’ll be heading up to Miter 10 where the event is being held. Miter 10 have given us the use of the warehouse for the show which has allowed for a massive cat walk, and a screen 4.5M x 3M…. gulp! About 500 people will be in their sunday best for the event and I know there will be jelly shots after… Looking forward to both the after, and the jelly shots!


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