I want to do a handplant!

So I have been sitting on my ass for 6 weeks now. Any fitness I may have had before my injury has long since upped and left me. Not having a heart rate above 70 bpm for that long has sent me a little stir crazy. Doctor told me swimming only, no running yet. So today I went for a run (it was $5 cheaper than swimming). Not too far, just enough to get a stitch, out of breath and sweaty. The 5 inch plate in my shoulder was only a little sore, so as long as it is pain free tomorrow morning, I may have just started my get fit program. Stoked.

In 6 weeks of no exercise you can lose 80% of your fitness, in 6 weeks of training you can gain 80% of your fitness back. 4 weeks till I fly out to Canada means I could be as fit (or fitter) than before the accident in time for the season! Game on.

Looking forward to messing about, doing things like this:

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