Time to Jet

Wash all your gear, clean up your room, hover the house so you can say “yeah I did my part” then hop skip and a jump back to where ever it is you came from….. season is over, people move on. You never know if you will see these people again, who will become a repeat offender in terms of Wanaka winters, who will go get a real job and never be back… you begin to reflect on these things yourself… shoulder season suck.

Bye Jesse, maybe see you in Banff for Bulldogs at the magpie, hope we get to ride together… who will be back at The Lake? Who will be the new crew? who will be the crew good crew to ride with….its a big shuffling time of year, take all the boarders in all the resorts, shake them up, throw them high and scatter them across the globe…. see how they land… funny thing is, the world is a big place, snow resorts seem to not be so big, you will bump into the hardcore riders again, in a few years, in a different resort..you hope.


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